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Hello, I am Xiao Zhengzhong, going by ZZ (ZeeZee), an energetic, self-motivated interior designer. I like to travel to soak up many different cultures, which allows me to enjoy life's diversity and enrich my experience. Thus, I came to the United States to learn progressive designs and gain inspiration from a new world.

With my academic background and 3 years work experience in the interior & architecture industries in both USA & China, I have through various projects developed an international style which transcends cultural boundaries. I have also refined a design philosophy centered on the interactions between people and the built environment and human emotion reacted from the relationships between the interior and exterior environments. I am confident as a flexible, team-oriented and effective problem solver, and I believe good designs not only create graceful spaces that emotionally refresh people’s visions but also seed sustainable roots that functionally refresh people's lives.

Presently, I am open for full-time employment within the USA. I believe my deep passion for design, sustainability perspective, creative mind, skill sets and personality traits will allow me to make a significant contribution to your company.

ZZ (ZeeZee)


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