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Interior design serves as a spirit bond connecting the people and the building environment. It is a communication to convey the messages of the culture, nature and people’s value in current sociality. Interior design is concerned with more than just the aesthetic experience of a user within a building. The user experience in interior space relates to human interaction within the space, its contents, and the interaction between people who share this experience. All these factors create social meaning.

Fairy tales have been transmitted from one generation to another. However, recently people realized that it is a dangerous to extol the superiority, dominance and conquer and perpetuate the values which marginalize women and minority ethical groups. How can interior design and American animation, hand in hand, convey the positive values and lack of negative judgment portrayed in animation in order to make them rethink their own values?

The resulting museum design will convey the positive values, while lacking the negative judgment commonly portrayed in animation, and thus require people to rethink their own values.

The Reception Area
The slopped ceiling and irregular shaped floor and wall pattern create a sense of disorder to prepare people to enter an uncertain and unpredictable experience. The ceiling made form Skyline glass with the animation figures etched.

The Cinema Room
This disorganized space is figured by a rotating floor. Then you cannot tell where is front and where is back. After you enjoy the move in Finding Nemo, the brutal shark will become a gentle vegetarian in Shark Tale.

The Mouse Gallery
This is a space to play the fun of binary oppositions. Our value are changing that a lot of creatures lost their characteristics. The mouse is an example who lost its identity in current society for it is appreciating how Jerry bully Tom. On the left side of the gallery, the exhibition shows how women changes their society and family roles, shift from waiting for men to rescue to fight with the men hand by hand.

The mirrors in the ceiling fragmented reflect people’s activity in the interior. The exhibition walls and boxes try to break the hierarchy. This is a space with disorder and fragmentation.

The Innovation Center
Coming here to create your own animation and place your own order for the story. There are many boxes hanging from the ceiling. You can pull it down and place them in the wall or any where you want to create your own order.

The gird, an organizing system for architecture, interior design, graphic design etc, has been broken by several disorganized lines. Those lines become the parti. The zigzagged walls convey a blurred message to make people lost their direction.

Second Floor, main entrance level

Third Floor

First Floor, exit

The Materials / Furniture / Lighting


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